Village of Avoca office:

217 Tefft St, Avoca, NE 68307
(402) 275-3757

Village Clerk: Marilyn Kirchhoff





Date:  Monday, July 10, 2017

Present:  Ehmke, Kirchhoff, Lehn, Moses, Staack and Clerk, Kirchhoff

Guest:  Rydel and Kirchhoff

There were five board members and two guests present.  The meeting was brought to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman, Ehmke and reminded all in attendance of the Open Meetings Act posted on the wall.

The Minutes of the June 12, 2017, were submitted for approval.  A motion was made to approve the minutes followed by a second and all present voted ayes.

The Treasurer’s Report was submitted for approval.  A motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s report and all present voted ayes.


Moses reported at the Fire Department did not have receipts ready to submit.  They will be helping with the Library events on July 11.

Kirchhoff reported that the summer events have been well attended.  Movie and popcorn was a huge success. 

                          Schedule:  July 11 – Fire Department

                                            July 18 – Sidewalk Chalk, Brittney Meyer

                                            July 25 – Story Time with a twist – Village Board

August events have not been scheduled yet.

Old Business:

Properties:  The Clerk will work with the Attorney and fire department to get the paperwork completed so Incontro house can be a trained burn.

Three letters were sent looking to have properties cleaned up.  Some mowing has been done.  The Attorney will be contacted for further cleaning.  A group of concerned citizens have been working to clean up the Village.

The regular meeting was suspended at 6:15.

The Liquor license request for the Down Home Saloon was discussed with the owner present to answer questions.  There were no visitors present for or against the granting of request.  One message was received in favor and read to those present.  A motion was made by Trustee for the Board to grant the request for the liquor license.  The motion was seconded by Trustees and upon roll call the Trustees voted:  Kirchhoff – aye; Staack – aye; Lehn – aye; Moses – yes; Ehmke – yes.  The motion passed.  The paperwork will be submitted to the state for processing.

Returned to the regular schedule meeting at 6:29.

            Utility Bills – There were 5 shut off notices mailed.  Two were paid in full, three remain unpaid.  One has been shut off and the other two will be shut off.  The Clerk will check with the Attorney for advise on notifications of future shut offs.

The reservoir has been checked and additional work will be done.

There is no additional information on the walking bridge.

The website will include the minutes of the Board meetings – worked on submitting these to editor.

Work is being done on the park restrooms and picnic tables.

There has not been any information received regarding Ordinance on attendance.

New Business:

            There was no new business brought before the Board for discussion.

Clerk Questions/Correspondence:

            The Clerk read a letter received from DeGraff who is working on 4-H Diamond Clover project.  Goal is to raise funds to aid the county in acquiring a pet disaster trailer in case of a disaster.  The Board decided to ask her or someone from Emergency Management to attend the August meeting to give further information to the residents and Board.  All who may be interested in hearing more about what she is doing is encouraged to attend this meeting, Monday, August 14, at 6:00 pm.


            The Fire Department recently had a scare with children driving a 4-wheeler and another on a mini bike.  Parents PLEASE be aware of where your children are and what they are doing.  This could have had a tragic ending.  Additionally, motorized vehicles ARE NOT allowed in Tefft Park.  Children under the legal driving age should not be driving these vehicles on the streets. 

The score board will be taken down at the ball field.


Trustee Reports:

            Water/Staack:  Nothing to report.

Sewer/Kirchhoff:  Nothing to report.

            Finance/Lehn:  Nothing to report.

            Parks/Moses:  Nothing to report.

            Street/Ehmke:  He is still waiting to get the 4-wheeler back and will be doing some shredding along the creek.